Janet Balcombe

Janet conquered a feral Meth-addiction in another life, and her criminal record labels her a convicted kidnapper.

The Ashton Wylie Literary Award finalist didn’t know she was a writer until 2014 when her memoir, Take a Walk on the Wild Side was published (re-published The Wild Side in 2016). She has since written Radical Lives Vol 1, a collection of true stories, and Vol 2 has just been released. 

Janet writes true-life stories and about the things that matter, lifting the truth above the quagmire of deception called ‘enlightenment.’​ She writes for the rebels, the addicts and the broken-hearted.

She is also a graphic designer (see wildsidedesign.net) and helps authors self-publish their work together with her husband, Ray Curle, in their business Wild Side Publishing.

Ray and Janet minister to people by helping them find healing from life’s traumas, and speak and teach throughout New Zealand. See Wild Side Ministries for a list of their podcast messages. They are working towards establishing a faith-based recovery centre in Northland, New Zealand. See Wild Side Trust.

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