Imagine my surprise when talking with Andrew Stroud (world champion motorcycle racing royalty) to find a deeply spiritual man beneath the helmet. Andrew’s life experience involves healing from ancestral sin that we can learn a lot from.

Andrew’s story vividly illustrates the effect that ancestral sin (generational iniquity) had on him, how those chains were supernaturally broken, and the difference it made in his life and family.

Andrew Stroud – style points

In motorcycle racing terms, Andrew is hard to beat. He’s built for speed. Andrew’s won 9 NZ Superbike championships, the inaugural World BEARS Series (on a New Zealand-built Britten V1000), the American AMA Formula Xtreme Championship (1997) and the European Pro-Twins at Assen. He’s won at Daytona in 1994 (setting a top-speed record), 1995, 1996 and 1997. He’s competed in 41 World Superbike races, 20 FIM 500 GP’s, 1 Isle of Man and 3 24-Hour World endurance races. I could go on, but I won’t.

Game face – leading the pack

The most surprising thing of all is that he’s kept his feet on the ground, puts God first in his life, and his family second. This authentic man of God is a mine of understanding and authority regarding the deep things of  God, including healing and deliverance from demonic power. He’s seen generational spiritual chains dramatically broken off, allowing his kids the best possible start in life. The more I chat and pray with people, the more I notice a common theme—the effect that our ancestor’s sins have on families as they travel down the family tree. But it’s not all bad! There are often positive generational inheritances somewhere in the line we can benefit from as well.

Andrew, Karyn and the kids (left to right) Jesse, Mac, Amea, Elsie, Maddy, Jacob, Lucia, Bella, Caleb, Joe with the Britten bikes

Our lives are the sum total of our experiences and the way we’ve chosen to respond. It’s easy to think about Andrew’s blessed life and think, ‘no wonder he’s done so well’. But Andrew has struggled with the same temptations many of us have faced, and at one point, things could have gone either way. He’s felt the pull of the dark side, and there was a time when he didn’t feel out of place in a biker pad. He feels he could have easily taken a different path, but one day he had a supernatural experience. While someone was praying for him one day, he saw a vision of souls in chains in gloomy dungeons. “I could even feel their anguish-it was so real.” Right at that moment a person praying said, “I believe God wants us to pray into the area of generational sin coming down the family tree.” Andrew thought, ‘am I looking at some ancient ancestors here’, as he sensed that the same type of sin that had them there wanted him there as well. He understood they’d had their chance on earth, and now there was nothing they could do.

“To use the term ‘goose bumps’ would be a massive understatement”; said Andrew as they seriously repented for the sins of the forefathers’ that were being revealed by the Holy Spirit. They sought forgiveness, acknowledged the power in the blood of Jesus to wash away their sins and accepted all that He did at the cross.”

It wasn’t long before the jail doors began to shake and he saw Jesus freely walking among those in captivity. Andrew began to shake. “It became so violent that I feared for my life. It was both awesome and terrifying, as I knew where that power was coming from—the Almighty God who created the universe, and it wasn’t flattening His batteries in the slightest. The intensity kept increasing, the jail doors were being shaken harder, and I was being shaken to a point I couldn’t cope with any more. I yelled out, and at the same time the jail doors broke open. I was left exhausted and collapsed, but still wanted to open a Bible. My eyes went straight to Jesus speaking in Luke 4:18,

“He sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed.”

Something oppressive had lifted off my chest. Something I’d carried from inside the womb was gone—and it was very liberating. I knew I’d been forgiven and received the power to forgive others. I had a new understanding what Jesus did for us; dying on that cross, paying the price for us once and for all, so we can be truly set free.”

Andrew wasn’t interested in the darker side of life again—it held no attraction for him anymore. Surrendering his life to Jesus, and receiving the blessing of God has opened the doors for others in the family to also receive Christ.

Thanks to Jesus, the flow-on effect that generational sin has over our family lines can be stopped dead, leaving the way clear for a generational blessing to pour out. Let’s take the good and leave the bad! When Ray and I pray for Christians, we lead them in a prayer like this, “Father, in Jesus’ name I ask You forgive the sins of my ancestors. I forgive their sins also, in Jesus’ name and I bless them. I renounce the sins of my ancestors and I do not retain their sins.” This is based on John 20:23— “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

My husband, Ray Curle, has some excellent podcast messages on wildsideministries.com/podcasts, including Hindrances to Healing 2: Breaking Curses. Keep an eye out for the upcoming new podcast, Binding the Strongman 2: Generational Iniquity. Mark de Jesus has also written an excellent article on Confronting the Sins in your Generational Line.

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All the best for the journey,
Janet xox

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Great testimony

Thanks hottie xox

Although I have nothing to do with this aspect of life, I have met Andrew Stroud before, and was also impressed with his humility and his willingness and desire to put God first.

Hi Janice, yes, I too was blown away by these things about Andrew. Truly remarkable and inspirational. So grateful for his example and testimony of the goodness of God.

God sets the captives free!
¡Aleluya! ¡Gloria a Dios!

Yes He does Kathleen! More than we even know. xx

Awesome! Powerful stuff!

Yea bro. We need to know this stuff, hey. God sets the captives free.

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