08 Sep: Keeping it real

When I was recovering from the damage caused by my toxic lifestyle, my Mum had to teach me to stop and appreciate the small things again. At first, I thought she’d lost her marbles. “Can you hear that beautiful birdsong?” she would say. “Can you see that beautiful flower?” or “Look at that newborn calf, shiny and new.”   I’d been living on such a hyper level that I had to be shown these things all over again. The simple, small, beautiful things and look at them like a child would. This process of learning to see the world again was so very healing, calming and restorative. There is such…



  “Eventually, the time came to sort through my old clothes that Dad had stored in his garage for me. Looking at them through new eyes was thoroughly shocking. I might as well have just raided the closet of an anorexic stripper… There was little there of any use at all, so most of it needed to be dispatched straight to the second-hand shop as soon as humanly possible, and preferably under the cover of night…” from The Wild Side by Janet Balcombe.


Nothing could have prepared me for the feeding frenzy surrounding the re-launch of my memoir, The Wild Side (formerly Take a Walk on the Wild Side). My incredible publicist, Karen McKenzie initiated many radio interviews nationwide, including Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan, Radio Live with Leanne Malcom and The Edge with Dom, Randall and JJ. Media included TV3’s The Café and TV1’s Seven Sharp, along with articles in the April 2017 issue of NEXT Magazine and and North & South magazine, and Megan McChesney’s The Lip podcast Back From the Abyss.