Keeping it real

When I was recovering from the damage caused by my toxic lifestyle, my Mum had to teach me to stop and appreciate the small things again. At first I thought she’d lost her marbles.

​”Can you hear that beautiful birdsong?” she would say. “Can you see that beautiful flower?” or “Look at that newborn calf, shiny and new.” 

I’d been living on such a hyper level that I had to be shown these things all over again. The simple, small, beautiful things and look at them like a child would. This process of learning to see the world again was so very healing, calming and restorative. There is such beauty and simplicity around us in this broken world if we just slow down, stop for a minute and enjoy it.


The thing I love about this pic is at first I thought it was a watercolour painting, like a Raymond Ching or something. It’s a photo! I love how this Tui is rough and real, he’s got chunks off his feathers, he is rugged and wild. But he’s still beautiful and real and stopping to catch his breath. Hard to find these days

The slow, painful process of getting back into and rebuilding a life happens little by little, bit by bit. It’s scary, painful and slow but as we continue to make good choice upon good choice, gradually things begin to change for the better. Then one day we look back and realise we have come such a long way even though it seemed like things were going so slow we weren’t actually moving.

A plant grows so slowly that we can’t see it growing, but day by day it is getting bigger and more beautiful, then it begins to naturally and effortlessly bear its fruit in season.

If you’re rebuilding your life from ground zero, keep going! It’s minute by minute, day by day, keep moving forward and it’ll work out. You’re doing great. It didn’t kill us and it definitely makes us stronger  The future is bright! It’s a beautiful world!

24 years clean… keep moving forward, and all the best for the journey xx

​Keep it real…
Janet xx