The Wild Side

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There is hope for the addicts, the rebels, and the broken-hearted…

The Wild Side

by Janet Balcombe

Sitting in prison on charges including kidnapping, guns, drugs and counterfeiting was very different to the life Janet had imagined.

Her life had become a psychotic hybrid of Breaking Bad and Paranormal Activity. There had to be a divine intervention or things were just not going to end well. How did a country girl from a decent family become a hardcore Meth-addict? What would you do if you were visited by a demon with a deadly agenda? Janet’s quest to find her true identity and the meaning of life took her to the very brink of death and hell.

It nearly killed her, but Janet got her answers… insight into true spiritual power, treasures found in the darkness, and real answers about life.

“In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell 


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Awards & Reader Reviews

“It is my personal desire that everyone in New Zealand read this book.” Sir Bob Harvey

​”This book has the power to change a generation. What an encouraging book! Please understand how far-reaching this book is and how encouraging it is for parents like us who love their troubled child so much and to actually know there is someone who knows how we feel.” Sally Strathdee

“The most amazing book I have ever read. I couldn’t put it down and cried when it ended. It changed my life.” Jamie Falconer (Amazon)

“Janet Balcombe’s humble, courageous and candid true story is a compelling roller-coaster ride of drugs, motorbikes, hard partying and crime with a twist. It is also a deeply spiritual journey. This hard-to-put-down book will challenge you on so many levels and worth every cent.” NZ Yoga Scene Magazine, Spring 2015

Balcombe rips straight into it! And she’s transparently raw. Immediately, we are immersed in the seedy, alcohol and drug-fuelled 90s.  It’s good, with frightening intensity, and there’s no gratuitous writing here – it’s authentic from start to finish. An exceptional and fast read. Both historic and current, and scarily vivid. From drama to drama, she doesn’t miss a beat. I cried. Yes, I cried for the girl who lost her way amidst the drug and money scene, for the baby born into this kind of life, and for the unfolding of hope amidst total desperation. There are parts that mirror my life. Experiences that I can vouch for as true. And a faith that survives throughout.
If you read it fast enough, you will be swept along in this other life, the one we so often choose to ignore and condemn.
If you read it fast enough, you will skim over the cliches, and get to the heart of a young woman trying to make sense out of no sense at all. What a tale of survival! Amazing story. Flaxroots Productions, October 2017 (link to​)

“Janet Balcombe is one of those rare New Zealand indie-authors who has recently come out of left field, waving a metaphorical flag, commanding attention with a gutsy memoir, and an uncrushable Christian faith. The Wild Side is her true story, a coming-of-age memoir of life in the dark side, of the events that almost killed her: drug addiction, prison, toxic relationships, redemption. There are paranormal events, fear, and spiritual awakening, love and family. Janet is a brave writer. She obviously has been to hell and back. The Wild Side wouldn’t have been an easy book to write, and yet Janet’s eyes sparkle and she smiles readily and warmly. She is a survivor. Her story is a well written page turner.” Freelance Magazine, December 2016 (

“A very raw and human story of redemption. A must-read for anyone caught in addiction and for those already healed. Very well written, wonderfully descriptive with a distinctive Kiwi toughness and humor.” Keely Tapia (Amazon)

“An exciting and engaging read. Janet’s true story has the reader enthralled in her roller-coaster life. A great read with a strong message on how it can all go wrong, yet provide an opportunity for strength, belief and faith to rebuild character and rebuild lives.” Laurie Lowther (Amazon)

“Amazing book never wanted to put it down. Janet what a life thank you so much for sharing your story.” Nicole (Amazon)

“A story of hope. Just because things are completely broken and, in the natural, completely beyond repair there is an answer. There is ONE who awaits your soul. Who awaits your return, your love. From the grip of darkness and death so real to a path and a journey to healing. The beginning of something beautiful. A book that invokes thought and passion. That brings tears and joy. I have seen parts of Janet’s life that are in mine and it gives me hope to carry on. Thank you for your braveness to journey and share, so we may walk with you, as you walk with God.” Jess (Amazon)

“Compelling – One womans Journey from Despair to Purpose! I could not put the book down! having been raised not far from Janet, I recognised every place and this made the book come alive for me.” Congratulations Janet for your honest and vulnerable account of your journey from life on the dark side to victory and purpose! Janet is a gifted writer who draws the reader into her very real experience. Yvonne Godfrey (Amazon)

“Fantastic and inspiring read. Easy read that flows very well.” Lisa Curry (Amazon)

“Put aside time! This is a gripping true story, and Jan certainly tells it as it was, and thankfully, now is.” Mary Nichols (Amazon)

“A heartfelt read written as if she was talking to you face to face. I laughed with you, I cried with you. I felt my heart break with yours, tears ran and I screamed on the inside with you. I travelled a roller coaster of emotions with some good some awful. But best of all I celebrated and rejoiced with you. I felt redemption and victory. I accepted inner peace with you and smiled knowing we have a father who walks with us through the good and the bad no matter where we have been or what we have done. His love is unconditional agape love. Thank you for your story. It means more than you will prob ever understand and it will touch and change the lives of many.” Angela (Amazon)

Hi Janet, I saw your first book in our library, which was amazing as I am not a great reader and often struggle to find a good book, but somehow I found yours. I couldn’t stop reading it, so I decided to buy my own and have already given it to a friend to read as her son is having a battle with drugs and her ex husband was an alcoholic. Also we have a team from our church that visit the Women’s prison in Christchurch. Our women’s ministry would also like to donate your books so I intend to get the leader to read it first. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your amazing life story, so brave and so powerful. It gives me hope for my family. I am sure it is touching and changing many lives around NZ and the world. Take care, BD